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About the Author

Debbie Morgan Harris is a graduate of Auburn University, retired educator, wife, mother of two, grandmother of two, and a friend to seven beloved horses, who have, at some point during the past thirty years, touched her heart and become part of the family. Through the years, she and her family, have watched and listened as the horses and other pets “talked” to each other and has now set out to give voice to those horses and share the sweet stories they seem to tell.
Harris grew up in Alabama dreaming of horses and riding neighboring horses until following her high school sweetheart to duty stations in California, Okinawa, Japan, and, eventually, eastern North Carolina, where she currently resides. There her dream of having horses became a reality. As she tells so many children who dream of having a horse … “Don’t give up on that dream. It can happen. I didn’t have my first horse until I was twenty-seven years old, but I held that dream in my heart until it happened … at just the right time, in just the right place.”